I stand by the shoreline, the wind breezing by gently, teasing my hair into disarray.
The car behind me waits patiently as it's owner leans against the door watching me.
I turned around and looked -- patience was offered. I had all the time in the world.
I looked down in my hand, a glint of silvery shine. I fingered it for a moment or two, closed my eyes, and allowed the flashbacks to drown me.
Waves after waves of memories hit me like a sledgehammer. All the laughter, all the angst, all the close proximity.

I opened my eyes.

I pulled my right arm back.

I flung as far and as hard as I could.

"Plop", goes the trinket. The surface of the sea swallows it.

I stand there in grief, but not hard enough to unbuckle my knees.
A hand gently grasps my upper arm and pulls me away, as the sky started weeping.

I walked away.

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