Published on March 30, 2009 By whatshesaid In Life

It is 11pm, and I just got back from the fitness center.

Funny how my days used to start at 4pm but now by 10ish, I'm already sleepy and tired.
And the best part is, I wake up nice and early in the mornings.
I still can't bring myself to wake up for the 8am class, the sedatives kill me.
I usually wake up at half past 8 or somewhere near. And I have my ICC lecture tomorrow.
Unfortunately, Mr. Winston isn't so understanding and obliging. He seems more than ready to rip my head off.
He always looks at me like I'm a bad stench from the corner of his eyes, it's.. err, disconcerting.
But I still try though, I try to minimise the dosage, but there's only so much I can minimise because otherwise, it will have no effect on me.

I have ICC presentation folio to hand in to S tomorrow by 12pm.
I have my ICG poster to redo because Mr. Edward said that it was too wordy, and more graphics are needed.
I have my ICC individual crisis management assignment due in 2 days time.
I have to get started on my ICG Assignment 2 where I'm supposed to com eup with a poster of myself.
I have to get started and kick into gear my IMMW t-shirt assignment, and pray that it pans out.
I have to revise on my ICC and the other lecture notes if I want to do well for my finals because I know I can.

I also need to get a grip on my sanity, in case it slips away again.

It's H's birthday on Wednesday.

I have not spoken to him, not even looked at him throughout the entire time I've been back.
I don't dare to. I don't dare risk my emotions, lest I add to my collection of emotional wounds.

I actually can't think straight right now, lethargy is eating up at me.

My dinner today was the playlist on my phone.

And I'm goin-

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